Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Below (in italics) is a blurb about the UM Constitutionalists, an organization which values traditional American culture of libertarian politics and free market economics.

Some might say these values are outdated and it's the government's job to provide for its citizenry. This idea is called socialism and is one that our Founders were afraid of. Socialism is the same as corrupt politics, and any economist knows that the occasional monopoly or "robber baron" is much preferred over a corrupt government which artificially fixes prices and attempts to provide for people instead of simply governing the people. Unfortunately, most of those economists are in academia, and the ones who are supposed to be upholding free market economics are bought off by the government to perpetuate a now-bankrupt federal reserve system that was never supposed to exist.

Take the example of railroads. Broadly speaking, there was a monopoly, and many were afraid of all the power one man in one industry could have. Any forward thinking economist at the time would have told you that without the government stepping in and creating anti trust laws, the industry would have eventually reached the point of diminishing returns until it figured it was profitable to allow other small railroads to pop up as intra-state enterprises. Eventually some of those smaller companies would have merged, effectively allowing competition. And while all this is happening, another manufacturer of railroad cars would have come along and simply asked about a fee to allow them to use the track. Both instances would eventually have allowed competition into the marketplace. Somehow, this point was lost on the example of Bill Gates one hundred years later, and we're finally seeing that a monopolist, after years of success, eventually settles back down and has to work extremely hard to continue creating a product that people want in the marketplace.

The broad strokes which outline an argument against our current debtist/socialist government are as follows:

- income taxes: illegal, something our founders never intended, and an excuse for government to over-regulate
- Libertarian values: no longer upheld; the individual in the collective (meaning sheep) is valued more than true individual liberties in our society, and this has to change
- Federal Reserve: bankrupts our economy and provides zero benefit to the free market whatsoever (look what's happening to our economy, and the fact that our Fed is printing money to fund programs now because the US is in so much debt)
- overregulation: the US government has decided to price-fix wherever possible to justify the huge sums of tax money collected, and they've ended up ruining industries and workforces instead of allowing them to thrive.
- Separation of government/business: this is just as important as a Church/State separation, and our Constitution has been falsely amended so many times that the government
- 10th amendment: Powers not granted to the federal government go to the state governments, and state government laws challenged in courts that are found to be in violation of any of the principles of the Constitution can be overridden. Any other state laws are permissible and should be regulated at the state level.
- Right to bear arms: Pretty simple; when you outlaw something that the Constitution explicitly allows, most scratch their head and wonder why. Since most people are sheep and simply want to obey the law, they steer clear of guns because the government tells you not to have them, even though our country was founded upon values which allowed citizens to have guns. This only makes the criminal and aggressive element of society stronger, who for the most part are sociopaths and don't reflect the type of people who should be the only ones carrying firearms in our society. Clarifying this by simply allowing the free market to decide which guns get produced and for whom would go a long way toward ending violence. It should come as no surprise that Texas, known for upholding the 2nd amendment, ranks in the middle of the pack with respect to gun violence, nowhere near the top of the list.

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This club’s mission shall be to raise awareness of the US Constitution as the foundation of American government through political activism including, but not limited to: rallies, protests, speeches, booths and general campaigning for candidates who endorse a constitutionally limited government. We seek those willing to actively and openly campaign for the Constitution as well as the candidates endorsed by this club. However, we are open to all members who adhere to these beliefs, regardless to the extent of their activism.

The purpose of the organization shall be to foster the principles set forth in the United States Constitution among the student body of the University of Mississippi and to organize student activists in preserving those fundamental beliefs.

The UM Constitutionalists are affiliated with the University of Mississippi. It is here where the first UM Constitutionalists, inspired by the current political climate, decided to organize in pursuit of a common goal of political change. The UM Constitutionalists hope that with the ever increasing corruption in American politics, more Constitutionalists groups will be formed on other college campuses, all united as one major political force. For information on how to be a part of this movement, please go to the contacts page to get in touch with an officer. Together we can make a difference.


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