Saturday, August 09, 2008

Idiocy is the most sincere form of flattery

[Edited Aug 12 2008: I read on Maddox' site that he prefers you don't paste his pictures directly into your web site but rather link them, so below is the link to the flow chart of idiocy mentioned in this post. Because Maddox rules, I didn't want to do anything to cross him.]

Click here for a flow chart.

I know I have an addictive personality - trust me, it runs in the family - but I've been trying to read as much of Maddox' site as possible. And then I stumble onto a post about how Websense tried to block his site - and even more incredibly, how there's actually an online petition to shut him down: click here.

This "Mothers Against Maddox" (ha!) site is run by a crotchedy old busy-body by the name of Beth Robbins. Beth likely lives in the Midwest with about eighteen cats (I have two of my own and believe when I tell you I know how it can provide a positive feedback effect toward insanity) and a Bible in every room of the house. She may even be the very same person who tried to get the show Married...With Children (one of the best shows EVER) cancelled back in the early 1990s (will try to post link if I can find one later) - again, a woman with nothing to do, so she decides to champion a cause for the sake of having a cause. Visit or lady, and find out what a real cause is all about.

This is yet another example of misplaced anger/frustration/resentment in our society. These women actually believe that by trying to block TEXT on the internet by strongarming parental blocking websites into filtering out Maddox' site, they would be making a difference. Forget the porno, the Facebook/MySpace sites with little girls posting semi-nude pictures of themselves online and making out with other girls; the social implications in high school of having that kind of stuff posted..that's not harmful, but a guy with a sense of humor and exercising his free speech on the internet is a big problem - we gotta do something 'bout that! I'm sure her kids are absolutely mortified - that is, if she ever dared to spawn more creatures using her damaged genetic code.

As I've said over and over again in this space, this woman should be free to round up all other old, farting hags like her and form a little community (preferably far away from the United States) where the internet only exists so they have something to do between games of computer solitaire and tupperware parties. In my society, people like this wouldn't be allowed to breed; in fact, they'd be sterilized or kicked out on their arses. This woman would have a heart attack if she ever saw a George Carlin show, and it's a shame we lost a great social satirist like him this year; people who question these dumb battleaxes and their silly worldviews. We'll have to settle for guys like Maddox now.

Visit his site, and contact Beth Robbins here to tell her how laughable it is that after four years of her site being online, no one cares.

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