Friday, April 18, 2008

Blend everything together - why not?


Sure...episodic programming centered around products...what a great idea! Now when I'm watching Charlie Sheen or the latest idiot to star in a sitcom attempting to emulate Jerry Seinfeld, I will also be brainwashed by shameless product placement and outright advertising during the show.

Think they will stop showing commercials now since TV shows will become one big commercial anyway? Or will that be the next wave - maybe the sitcom of the future will include a new device: the show's main character, every ten minutes, decides to sit in front of a TV watching commercials, and we can just watch along with him/her? That'll work.

This is the result of your multicultural society - "things are better when you put them together", especially if it's disgusting food (Domino's Pizza with a huge oreo-cookie cake for dessert - nasty), product placement during a TV show (which is sponsored by yet more corporations so you can watch their commercials every ten minutes), or entertainment products (DVD players in cars). Have fun zoning out while overpopulation slowly kills us all.

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